Philips hyödyntää M2M liittymiä ihmishenkien pelastamiseen.

We are partnering with pharmaceutical companies, medical technology companies, health insurers, NGOs and government agencies to create commercially viable products and services to help meet health needs. We focus on:
access to healthcare: helping patients in emerging markets access treatment, medicines and vaccines; supporting the management of drug stock levels; and improving the effectiveness of vaccination programmes
support for healthcare workers: providing training to healthcare workers through our mobile platforms and enabling healthcare workers to access patient records remotely to improve the quality of care and reduce administration time
remote care: improving the quality of life for people with chronic diseases by allowing them to monitor and manage their conditions at home
assisted living: helping elderly people live independently in their own homes for longer by connecting medical devices remotely
clinical research: enabling the efficient collection of data to help enhance the quality of information used to bring new and effective treatments to market.

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